Roy Newton

President — “Our goal is to provide quality innovative products at a reasonable price, both to our larger and smaller clients.”

Favorite phrase: “If you’re not on the edge, you're occupying too much space!"

Roy enjoys spending equal portions of his time with his grandchildren and traveling.
Jim O'Neil

Executive Vice President — “Creating the best possible solutions with design, teamwork and strategy to help our distributors close the sale, is my passion."

Jim earned a third degree Black Belt in Judo as a competitor, no easy task.

Jim likes to spend his time attending or watching the games of our WORLD CHAMPION CUBS!
Tom Lueken

Vice President of Sales — “Doing unto others forms relationships and earns repeat business”

Tom got caught in a snowstorm between two mountain passes… Alta and Snow Bird in Utah… took up the challenge and slid down the center of both, on his back with his ski’s following. No broken bones.

In Tom’s free time, he mentor’s youths.
Kamil Dys

Sales Manager — Joining the company as a sophomore in college, Kamil has moved throughout the factory and office over the past 12 years, finally landing in sales.

Kamil works with the sales team to help educate clients on why their end-users should have a recognition program that’s meaningful and motivational. “Our goal is to collaborate with our customers and experience a simple way to grow their business; in a process that’s easy and streamlined”

As an avid golfer, when not in the office, you can expect a call back between the front and back 9’s.
Sam Reed

Sales Executive — Sam loves to provide his clients with innovative ideas and the necessary tools to pursue and obtain award programs.

Sam once was a bat boy for a major league team. As a lifelong baseball fan this was the experience of a lifetime to spend time with major leaguers.

Sam loves spending time with his friends and family. In his free time he enjoys Chicago Sports and also plays several sports.